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Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat
Plastic Boat

Battery: 36V 10Ah Lithium Battery
Battery Box: Alumiunm & Plastic
Motor: 36V 250W
Charger: UL/CE listed Smart Charger, Cuting off when fully charging 4-6 hours
Controller&sesor: 36V 15Ah, 1:1 PAS

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serena : amy@linhuiplastic.com 0086 13813696293

Amy: filina@linhuiplastic.com 0086 18806120677

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General Description

Machine capacities of 2,500 Lbs. and less utilize the "A" frame design. The "A" frame type turntable has a hollow spindle and uses pre-loaded tapered roller bearings. The bearing housing and main support "A" frame house the motor and gear reducer below the table, with no protrusions to prevent interference or damage to parts or equipment.

Machine capacities of 6,000 Lbs. and more utilize the free standing column design. The column design floor turntable uses a large diameter slew ring bearing and center column for supporting the load. Table deflection is reduced, while direct drive to the gear teeth on the bearing reduces maintenance.

All Impelwell floor turntables are variable speed rotation using variable frequency inverter drives for smooth acceleration and deceleration control. Impelwell rotation axis are repeatable within ± 0.010 Inches per Inch of radius, with a consistent load, speed and direction.


Machine Features

- 360o powered rotation
- Low voltage hand control pendants
- Foot pedal switch
- AC brake motors
- Variable speed drives
- Due to order


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